Note how the kid clearly shows where Yeshuwa took the nails in His hands.

Proof that those who experience Near Death can see and is not imagining things.
Here the lady clearly says the number kept above the operation theater shelf.

The kid here saw the following:

1. The Trinity sitting in the Holy Throne.
2. Left side of the Father, is the Holy Spirit, making us aware of our sins and encourage us to repent.
3. Right side of Father is seated His Son, Yeshuwa Messiah, celebrating the good deeds we did.
4. The Trinity seated on an elevated platform, same as seen in any Church of Antioch.
5. The kid's dress was torn and with blood of sin, whereas the repented believers washed away their sins with the Blood of Yeshuwa.
6. He saw the presence of Yeshuwa in the Garden of Eden.
7. The boy saw the second coming of Yeshuwa Messiah, in the same manner as written in New Testament.

The boy was instructed to follow the laws, and do good deeds. Yeshuwa and His disciples also instructed the world to do so.