About my Lord and saviour,
Yeshuwa Messiah

Choose your door to reach Yeshuwa

Old Testament

Tanakh / Torah

See where  Yeshuwa is mentioned in the Old Testament / Tanakh -Torah

New Testament

New Testament

Understand Yeshuwa and what all He did in New Testament through the eyes of
Church of Antioch



Reach Yeshuwa through science that you were taught and believe in, yet you were not aware



"They sing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb ... " - Rev 15: 3

Old Testament / Tanakh - Torah

Old Testament

Old Testament

Where is Yeshuwa is mentioned in Old Testament?
Prophecies fulfilled by Yeshuwa. 


Isaac and Yeshuwa

Isaac and Yeshuwa have a lot in common. Let us explore 30 odd similarities.

Moses and Yeshuwa

Moses and Yeshuwa

Let us explore the common events that happened in the life of Moses and Yeshuwa

New Testament / Britchadashah

Who is Yeshuwa

Is He a Jew or a Catholic?
Is Yeshuwa a human or a God?
If He is God, how can He be servant?

The Ultimate sacrifice

How did the sacrifice of Yeshuwa replaced the Red heifer sacrifice to became
"The Utlimate Sacrifice"

Bride Of Yeshuwa

The bride of Yeshuwa

There are many references about the bride of Yeshuwa. Who is this Bride?

Concept of Trinity

A spiritual insight into the concept of

Aramaic Prayers

Prayer and the meanings of 
- Aboon d'Bashmayo
- Shlom lekh Mariam

Scientific community

Near Death

Proof that God exist

We depend on eye witness and expert opinion as proof which is valid in Court of Law. Let us hear what they got to say.

Black Hole Paradox

The Black Hole Information Paradox

Let us understand what the Black Hole Information Paradox and Bible has in common



See how The BIG BANG theory echoes what the Holy Bible have been telling us all along, yet went unnoticed